Thank you for shopping at Cartonmade Store!

We offer changes within the first 30 days of your purchase. If 30 days have passed since your purchase, the status of the product will be reviewed to evaluate if it is valid for exchange.

Changes (if applicable)

  • If the product was for a gift when it was purchased and was sent directly to the person, the person can exchange it without the need for the invoice in our store located at Carrera 4 # 69-37 Zona G, within 30 days of receiving it.

You should consider:

  • Your sculpture must be in perfect condition and in the same condition in which you received it.

  • The sculpture must be in the original packaging.

  • To complete your exchange, we require the buyer's document number, sales invoice or proof of purchase (not in all cases).

  • Only collectible sculptures can be exchanged; custom sculptures in terms of design and color cannot be changed.

Warranty (if applicable)

The warranty only covers (3) years the items if they are defective or damaged by manufacturing defects. If you need this service, send us an email to and bring your article to: Carrera 4 # 69-37 LOCAL 103 in Bogota.

    • Once your product is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you of the approval or rejection of your warranty.
    • If approved, then your warranty will be processed and you will receive a new sculpture with all approved quality controls, within a certain number of days.
    • To validate your guarantee you can present the invoice or the identity card with which the sculpture was purchased.

    Does not apply:

    • Any item that is not in its original condition, is damaged, or a part is missing for reasons that were not due to our error.

    Maintenance of your sculptures due to accidents

    1. If your dog ate it or if your cat played with it.

    2. If you fell on the floor by accident.

    3. If someone small took a piece from him.

    4. Anyway ... there are many accidents that can occur normally.

    Not because they are made of cardboard, but because in any type of sculpture made of another material it can happen that when they fall or with an accident they break or get damaged, most companies do not respond because it was the responsibility of the client, but that is why we do it. because they are very elaborate pieces and we want to keep them for a long time.

    Remember that although they have a 3-year warranty for factory defects, accidents can still happen to you because we are human.

    The idea is not to give up the sculpture because we want you to keep it for a long time, that is why we are one of the first brands to offer this service at no cost.

    What should you do in case of an accident with your sculptures?

    1. Come to our physical store in Bogotá at Carrera 4 # 69 -37 zone G and deliver it for maintenance service.

    2. If you are in another city in Colombia, send the sculpture along with all your data specifying the problem to the following address in Bogotá:

    - Carrera 53 # 123 -34 Office 405

    (The cost of shipping from your city to Bogotá is covered by you, and we will cover the cost of the return shipping.)

    In the same way, if you want to do a color maintenance, sealing your sculpture you can approach it without problem and it will be returned to you as new.

    If you were in a total loss accident and it is in terrible condition, don't worry!

    Come in the same way and we will receive it to send it to recycling, and we will give you a new one of the same reference. *

    * It only applies for one change per client and you must present the identity card with which the sculpture was purchased.